Chakra Color Chart

Chakra Color Chart – Learn How to Balance Your Mind and Body

I am pretty sure that this is not the first time you hear the word ‘chakra’. You probably heard the yoga instructions use it often and also read about them when looking for stone jewelry or therapeutical oils.

But what are they exactly? Well, they represent parts of energy found in our bodies.

Now, you need to understand that every one of us has 7 chakras that give us balance, but also can create issues if blocked. Each of these chakras is different and therefore is influenced by specific stones and crystals. Furthermore, each one is linked to a color and this is exactly the topic of this article. So, let’s find out more!

Chakra Color Associated with Crystals

I want to start by introducing the seven chakras before taking each of them at a time and discuss its connections with natural crystals.

Chakra Color Chart crystals

1. Muladhara.

It is red and represents the root chakra. If you look at the meaning of the Sanskrit word, you will find that it actually means “support”. It has this name because it is located on the coccyx, therefore it is the pillar of the rest of your body.

The reason why it is associated with the color red is that it is the most stimulating chakra which needs full attention.

When balanced, this chakra will offer you the power of persistence and the capacity of feeling stable from an economical, physical, and also spiritual point of view.

However, if this chakra becomes imbalanced, then it will trigger ugly personality traits such as laziness, rage, and other negative energy vibes. On a physical part, you can notice colon pains, menstrual cramps, or prostate problems, depending on the person’s sex but also constipation and hemorrhoids.

Natural aspects are represented by fire, dusk, and dawn.

Finally, the crystals that influence Muladhara are:

  • Black Tourmaline;
  • Agate;
  • Bloodstone;
  • Smoky Quartz;

2.     Svadhisthana.

It is orange and represents the sacral chakra. It is very close to the root chakra, right above it to be more precise. The connection between this chakra and the color it has is given by the happiness and enthusiasm both offer. It will enhance your creativity and will offer you the pleasure of success.

Now, when it is balanced, it will give you confidence about your sexuality and will help you accept more easily people’s flaws. Furthermore, just as its color, you will feel playful and optimistic.

As you can imagine, the imbalance of this chakra brings the exact opposite. It will trigger sexual doubts and you will not feel good about yourself.

Natural aspects are represented by moonlight, fish, procreation, and the sun.

The crystals that influence Svadhisthana are:

  • Orange Calcite;
  • Peach Moonstone;
  • Carnelian;

3.     ManiPura.

It is yellow and represents the solar plexus chakra. This chakra represents your success on both personal and professional levels. ManiPura is all about self-control. As for where it is located, you should know that this chakra is right around your belly.

The color is the beautiful representation of an uncovered sun.

When this chakra is balanced you will be able to develop yourself. You will have no problems keeping a healthy diet and exercise frequently.

On the other hand, an imbalanced ManiPura chakra will make you have a tendency to aggression but also you will feel afraid for no real reason.

Natural aspects are represented by sunlight or fire.

The crystals that influence ManiPura are:

  • Citrine;
  • Topaz;
  • Malachite;
  • Tigers Eye;

4.     Anahata

It is green and it represents the heart chakra. This is a point of connection between spiritual and mental chakras. The color of the chakra represents life and healing.

When the chakra is balanced, you will be able to express the love for people around you but also for your own being. As you can imagine, an imbalance Anahat will bring along isolation and hatred.

Natural aspects are represented by purified air, forest, and nature.

The crystals that influence Anahata are:

  • Green Calcite;
  • Jade;
  • Green Tourmaline;
  • Rose Quartz.

5.     Vishuddha

It is blue. It can be either turquoise or sapphire blue and it represents the throat chakra. This chakra makes the connection between the green and the purples ones.

Due to Vishuddha we can express our desires and way of being in an honest and unbounded way.

The color represents calm and tranquility.

A balanced blue chakra will help you to express yourself and become creative in your everyday life. But if imbalanced, you will feel very easily embarrassed and will have a tendency to lie.

On a physical level, this chakra can cause mouth and throat irritation but also thyroid ones.

Natural aspects are represented by seawater, a clear sky, or a white elephant.

The crystals that influence Vishuddha are:

  • Aquamarine;
  • Blue lace agate;
  • Turquoise;
  • Lapis Lazuli.

6.     Ajna

It is purple such as a deep indigo and it represents the third eye chakra. This chakra is all about knowledge and it links your body to the spiritual world.

Its color, which is also known as royal blue, represents the night and our awakening.

A balanced Ajna will give you inner peace and will help you to get to know yourself to better understand your needs. The opposite that comes from an imbalanced Ajna will trigger a lack of imagination along with the impossibility of concentrating. In very bad situations, it can even provoke mental diseases such as sociopathy.

Natural aspects are represented by stars and the whole night sky.

The crystals that influence Ajna are:

  • Black Obsidian;
  • Purple Fluorite;
  • Amethyst.

7.     Sahasrara

It is white with tones of violet and it represents the crown chakra. Sahasrara is a subtle chakra which is found on the top of our heads. It awakes our spirits and gives energy to all the other chakras.

Some say this chakra is white, others that it is violet. Regardless of how your eye sees it, its color represents purity and magic.

When Sahasrara is balanced your spirit is free and you will be able to connect with every being. Unfortunately, an imbalanced chakra will bring along mental issues and addictions.

Natural aspects are represented by snakes, lotus flowers.

The crystals that influence Sahasrara are:

  • Clear Quartz;
  • Selenite;
  • Diamond

Chakra Color Associated Musical Notes and Solfeggio Frequencies

Ever wondered how meditation music works? The truth is that it works around your chakras and connects with them through vibrational frequencies. This notion was first brought in discussion in the ‘70s by H. Cousto and states that the sound healing system is based on 432 Hz.

But how does this work? Well, you should know that every chakra is represented by a musical note:

  • The 1st chakra is C;
  • The 2nd chakra is D;
  • The 3rd chakra is E;
  • The 4th chakra is F;
  • The 5th chakra is G;
  • The 6th chakra is A;
  • The 7th chakra is B.

Chakra Color Chart frequencies

What this means is that each note specific to the chakra will influence its well being and therefore your health and state of mind. Furthermore, each chakra is also linked to a specific instrunstument.

For example, Muladhara resonates with strong beats such as drums, while Svadhisthana is triggered by trumpets, and ManiPura by string instruments such as guitar.

Chakra and Glands

Since chakras are connected with every part of our body, it is clear how big of importance they have when looking at our endocrine system. This body system is the one that controls the hormone levels. These hormones travel within our body and deliver messages to the part of the body they are connected to.

Let’s see the links between each of the chakras and the glands:

  • Adrenal Glands – 1st Chakra
  • Testes and Ovaries – 2nd Chakra
  • Pancreas – 3rd Chakra
  • Thymus – 4th Chakra
  • Thyroid & Parathyroid – 5th Chakra
  • Pituitary Gland & Hypothalamus – 6th Chakra
  • Pineal Gland – 7th Chakra

Chakra Color Chart endocrine

Chakra Goals

We are down to the last part of the article which is finding out what the goal of each chakra and most importantly how to activate each one in a natural and healthy way. So, for the last time in this article, let’s take the chakras one at a time and look at their characteristics.

1. Muladhara

This chakra is all about survival instincts, safety, strength, and sexuality.

If you want to activate it you will have to connect with nature by going through a hike or work in your garden. Treat your house as your sacred place. Start by doing a deep cleaning that will end up with new bedding sheets.

2. Svadhisthana

Svadhisthana is linked to sensuality, reproduction, and creativity.

To activate it you have to find your inspiration in whatever suits your character. Go and find a choir to sing in, start a diary, or practice painting. You can also take long showers and walk near open water. Furthermore, you should drink as many liquids as possible such as warm teas in the morning and a natural nectar before going to bed.

3. ManiPura

When you say ManiPura, you say sell-esteem and will.

All you need to do to keep your chakra balanced is to have a healthy way of living. Therefore, practice yoga as much as possible, create an exercise chart, and eat healthy food that you’ve never tasted before.

4. Anahata

This chakra is all about love. Love for the other and love for your person.

It is very easy to activate this chakra. You have to be kind to the people around you. Also, you can learn new gratitude yoga poses and let your body and mind connect.

5. Vishuddha

The 5th chakra is responsible for your communication skills and how independent you are.

Expressing yourself in any way will balance your chakra. Furthermore, you will need to set up boundaries in such a way that will make you feel comfortable in your skin and always to speak freely.

6. Ajna

Ever heard of the ‘sixth sense’? If so, this is the chakra that interferes with your imagination and intuition.

To keep it balanced you will have to learn something new and always trust your body. However, you should never forget about your dreams and desires.

7. Sahasrara

Finally, Sahasrara is all about faith and spirituality.

This is why you should practice meditation as often as possible, relax, and always follow your passions.

Chakra Color Chart goals

Last words

Chakras are powerful and important for a balanced and healthy life. There are so many ways in which we can influence them in better and worse. The secret is to understand them and learn how they affect our everyday life.

Therefore, listen to your body and do as it asks. Help your chakras balance with every small action you take. Little goes a long way.

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