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Heart Chakra: Find Healing and Balance in Crystals

Most people encounter energetic blocks, as well as energy-sabotaging habits that keep them away from spiritual fulfillment. The result? Always feeling exhausted, ill, even dull.

Luckily, the soul and body’s healing will come straight from nature’s wealth. Whoever thought that wearing a natural stone will make them happier and filled with love? But truth be told, heart chakra stones are wonderful curing crystals.

They work for emotional self-healing, and for curing the organs located in the chest and heart area. Their name relates to some of the yoga beliefs, as such, these crystals are governed by the energy of the heart chakra.

About Heart Chakra

In this article, we featured a bunch of crystals and stones, all under the wing of the 4th chakra. Many of these stones will have the color of this chakra. However, some are different, but still strong heart-based.

Their purpose is still balancing the mental and spiritual energy, as well as being the center point of the multidimensional being.

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The Heart Chakra Stones

When it comes to crystals, there are always many options to choose from. The same happens with heart chakra stones too. Here is a guide to help you choose the right healing crystal for you.

Each of them has different spiritual and metaphysical properties. Trust your intuition, and the right one will come into your life.

Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite

This stone will bring stability and adaptability to your life.


heart chakra Rhodochrosite

Very powerful stone, it works to cleanse and heal past traumas and help you love yourself and the people around you.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

“Stone of Love”, this crystal will resonate with love and heart chakra. You can wear it for its loving energy, that supports emotional healing and the flow of love.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine


This is an all-around healing stone, with a soothing and calming energy. If you have unresolved emotions, which you feel that are blocking your love, wear this magic stone.

Ocean Jasper

best heart chakra stones ocean jasper

Some know this crystal as Sea Jasper, and it comes in various colors. These stones have some strong vibes from the ocean. It is a powerful supportive and healing heart chakra crystal.


heart chakra Malachite

Do you feel lots of negativity around you? The Malachite crystal will help you give up destructive habits. Instead, it will bring balance and harmony to your life.


heart chakra Emerald

This is one of the most powerful chakra crystals, and also the “stone of successful love”. This stone has incredible powers in cultivating loving relationships.

Emerald has pure abilities in healing the wounds of the heart. Embrace love and compassion by wearing this crystal.

Green Jade

green jade heart chakra

This pure crystal resonates with the awakened heart center. It sustains tolerance, care, love, and pure balance. Also, some say it brings luck in love.


Amazonite heart chakra

Amazonite has this protective energy that will support the person who is wearing it in speaking the truth and showing love. This crystal is the symbol of wisdom too.


Prehnite heart chakra

Connect with your inner wisdom by wearing the stone of harmony, peach, and love. Its healing properties are what dictates the power of this stone. It opens your heart and restores the inner balance.


heart chakra Aquamarine

The Aquamarine promotes two of the most powerful values in life: love and courage. It is also soothing and supportive of those who are heart-broken.


heart chakra Epidote

Do you feel energyless? The Epidote will support the energy of the heart center. It helps you reconnect with yourself and others, and to keep away the negative habits.

Heart Chakra Healing Benefits


Meditation is one of the keys to balancing the inner spirit. Hold the heart chakra stone into your left hand and start meditating. You can also lay down and place your crystal over your heart.

This way, you will start clearing your mind and place your attention to the heart center.

Healing Jewelry

One of the best ways to enjoy the healing process of heart chakra stones is by wearing them as pendants. Whether they are pink or green crystals, enjoy the vibrational energy the stones will give you.

Alternatively, you can wear a ring with heart chakra stones, but right on the pointer finger. This finger associates with your heart, and it is a powerful way to focus attention on the healing energy.

Enhance Home Energy

Bring love and balance into your home too. Place pink Crystals or the green ones in specific corners of your home. This way, you will help to improve the loving energy of all who live under the same roof.

Crystal Elixir and Essences

You can start transposing the crystal’s energy into infusing water. You can do this at home, then put a drop of pure water on your tongue. This way, you will ingest the healing energy.

Make sure you are well informed before doing your own elixir. There are some heart chakra stones that can be toxic while ingesting them.

Calm emotions and sleep like a baby

Place your favorite pink or green crystals under your pillow. The heart chakra crystals will help to calm your emotions and have a soothing sleep. Also, these powerful stones will induce such a peaceful environment in the bedroom.

More Fascinating Facts

Let’s go to some deeper information about heart chakra stones. Their Sanskrit name is “Anahata”, which means unstruck. Or in other words, the term refers to the pure message and tone of the awakened heart chakra.

heart chakra meditation

The Perfect time for Using the Healing Stones

Well, the heart chakra is the fourth one from the integrative energy center. It is also a binder of the physical and spiritual within our body. The heart chakra stones are generally the green ones, and they are governing the cardiovascular system and also the lungs.

However, if you are looking for using them at a non-physical level, these crystals will work for harmonizing:

  • Life direction;
  • Morals;
  • Ethics;

The Signs of Imbalance in the Heart Chakra

There are some general signs that will announce some changes to the heart chakra. Most of them are all around the chest area, and they are very common with some physical signs.

If you feel some of the signs we will enumerate, consider finding your balance again, using the heart chakra crystals:

  • Chest pain;
  • Shoulder blades;
  • Heart palpitations;

There are also non-physical signs of imbalance, such as:

  • Suspiciousness;
  • Defensiveness;
  • Excessive judgemental;
  • Passive/aggressive behavior.

In a Nutshell…

Finding inner peace and balance is something most people find very hard to achieve. There is nothing new that connecting with nature can increase our peace of mind. Heart Chakra crystals are little pieces of nature’s wealth.

As long as you know to choose the most appropriate ones, the heart’s center will be slowly healing.

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