How to activate chakra bracelet

How to Activate Chakra Bracelets? Recognized Steps to Initiate the Energy of Crystals

If there is one thing for sure is that chakra jewelry is the next energy possessor. Wearing these crystals can release healing powers. Their cleansing properties and energy vibration are popular since Ancient India, and their usage is now widespread all around the world. More than the energetic aspect, today, chakra bracelets are also a fashion item to wear.

However, their healing properties are the star of the day. If you are wearing chakra stones for their curing and energy balancing goods, it’s good to know how to activate them. Luckily, you can program them if you have specific needs, while also enjoying their visual charm.

Today is about a shortlist of steps to activate your chakra bracelets. Moreover, keep scrolling down to find interesting information about this jewelry. Who can wear them? Is there anything you feel while having them? Let’s find out.

What Is Chakra Jewelry?

Maybe you have seen lots of crystals jewelry lately. But never understood their benefits, despite the fashion ones. Well, let me tell you that the process of making chakra jewelry is art. It implies picking crystals to manage all the seven chakras of our body. Then it is about aesthetics, design, color, and care.

How to activate chakra bracelet jewerly

Recognized Steps to Activate a Chakra Bracelet

Besides their beauty, wearing chakra bracelets can lead to a balanced life, a more relaxed mindset, as well as a healthier lifestyle. Nevertheless, the power of these special crystals stays in the way you activate them. Here are the easiest steps to make the chakra bracelet work for you and your chakras’ balance.

Relax and relax

Before you begin to activate and program the crystals, you need to calm down. The perfect place to be is a secure, yet quiet one in your home. It is important to find yourself in a comfortable place, which can offer you that protective feeling. Take your time, and choose a moment when no one will disturb you.


Music is a great help while meditating, and there are lots of calming playlists all around. Meditation is by far the easiest way to throw anxieties out and become one with the mind and body.

This is how you can activate the chakra bracelet. As soon as you reach the calm alpha state of mind, the process will start. Once you feel ready, take the crystals in your hand and meditate over their energy. Now, focus on your connection with the crystal, and set your goals. Don’t be afraid to speak out-loud your wishes to the crystal.


Another old method of activating the chakra bracelet is mantras. It refers to the incantations or words and phrases that you speak out loud. Tell your wishes to the crystals, as well as the phrases you are strongly believing in. You can use these mantras in the meditation process as well.


While keeping the chakra bracelets on your hand, it’s important to have an appropriate body positioning as well. There are different hand gestures that can help you in activating the chakra stones and jewelry.

How to activate chakra bracelet mudras

Program the crystal for specific use

When activating the chakra bracelet, it’s important to set a goal in your mind. As such, try to hold the bracelet in your hand, while standing in natural light. You can also stand outside a window or next to one. Then it’s time to focus on your message, so say out loud: “I want to dedicate this crystal for x desire.”

Clean the Chakra Bracelet

Activating the chakra bracelet means also cleaning it or “restarting” it. Here are two easy methods to cleanse the Chakra Stones:

  • The Brown Rice Method: Put the Chakra bracelet into a bowl of plain brown rice. Make sure the jewelry is fully covered by the brown rice. Leave it overnight, as the rice will help to eliminate bad energies. Make sure you will not consume this rice anymore.
  • Full Moon Method: Another method of purifying the chakra bracelet is by placing it in the windowsill overnight. Do not forget to leave the bracelet in the window, as the crystals might damage or break.

How to Activate Chakra Bracelets – FAQs

Is there any shortcut to activate the chakra bracelet?

Like in any other aspect of your life, you need patience. We are sorry to say but in the process of opening and activating the seven chakras, there is no shortcut. The best results you are willing to have need time and focus in order to achieve them.

We would suggest you wait for the results and not hurry up. Meditate, concentrate on your crystals and apply the steps above to activate the chakra bracelet in a natural, peaceful way.

Who can wear chakra bracelets?

Chakra crystals will not harm anyone. Although its energy is powerful, and the healing experience is always present, all people can have crystal jewelry. Bracelets are suited for women, men, kids, or adults. Whoever is wearing the chakra bracelet, they will experiment with a mix of feelings, from clearness to mental calm and balance.

What hand should you wear a chakra bracelet on?

Although it might seem a superficial aspect, well, since ancient times, people have discovered the different functions of our two body sides. As such, most scientists believe the right side and the left side have different functions.

The left side stands for femininity, and it is also known as a receiving side. This means the left side is open for receiving energy from the outside and leads it to the internal body. In a nutshell, nowadays beliefs recommend people wear the chakra bracelets on the left hand.

The Benefits of Wearing Chakra Bracelets

  • Alternative healing method

One of the most popular benefits of chakra jewelry is healing. As people use to meditate or make aromatherapy a healing method, chakra bracelets do the same. They connect the body with the mind, and, as a final result, release positive energy.

  • Bring Positivity

Positivity always starts with a state of mind. Chakra crystals will work on currying the body from negativity and attract goodness and kindness. While wearing them, you will feel more optimistic, open to building relationships, and good communication.

  • Suits everyone

Not only that anyone can wear an active chakra bracelet, but it is also a universal healer, as long as you connect with the chakra jewelry and believe in it. The diversity of colors and crystals, and their beautiful colors makes them true pieces of art that can compliment any outfit.

Keep in Mind

There are no cheats or conspirations around the chakra bracelets, as long as you are opening to them. If things were so simple, everyone would be wearing these crystals. Activating the chakra bracelets means connection, time, dedication, but mostly, it means knowing yourself and willing to become a better person.

As soon as you feel some energetic blockages, remember that good energy is all around us, you just need to connect with it.

In the end, the Chakra bracelets are just a bridge to feel the full vitality of the 7 Chakras. To do it right you just follow the steps to activate your chakra crystals, then enjoy a new kind of state of mind.

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