Third Eye Chakra

Everything You Need To Know About The Third Eye Chakra

Human life is a series of highs and lows. Each one of us faces situations where our intuition often guides us. This intuition sometimes feels like an inner voice guiding us through the difficulties. The Third Eye Chakra is this powerful intuition or the sixth sense that allows us to live a balanced life.

It is the ultimate power source in the human body, which is responsible for the realistic illusions and spaces of higher consciousness.

Know Third Eye Chakra Better

To get a deeper understanding of the third eye chakra concept, it is essential to understand the prerequisites, i.e., the general knowledge of this chakra, it’s sources, and the healing process.

So, let’s learn more about them and see how the third eye chakra can help you live a life full of meaning, wellness, and balance.

Where Is It Located?

It is the sixth chakra in Sanskrit. It is also known as the ‘Ajna’ chakra. This chakra is the energy center of our body, which helps to open the door of spiritual enlightenment in coherence with the balance of other chakras.

The location of this chakra is in the middle of the brow (forehead) just above the eyes.

This chakra has connotations with the color indigo. This color is most commonly associated with in-depth knowledge, wisdom, and intuition, and that is what the chakra stands for as well.

Moreover, the pineal gland within the mind, as can be seen in its symbol.

Third Eye Chakra ajna

What Are the Physical Conditions Connected with The Third Eye Chakra?

Because of its prime location between the eyes, the chakra is more connected with the brain, the eyes, and the nose. If it is disturbed, these are the primary organs that will be affected by it. Often, a disturbing third eye chakra can lead to severe illnesses among individuals. Some of those include:

  • Development of tumors in the brain
  • Migraine and constant headache
  • Adverse and unhealthy sinuses
  • Weak eyesight and debilitating eye conditions
  • Problems in the sense of sight and smell

What Are the Mental or Emotional Conditions Connected with It?

Apart from the physical conditions, the third eye chakra also affects our mental and emotional wellbeing. How you choose to see and perceive the world is directly connected to your chakra. If your chakra is healthy and balanced, your life is more likely to be happier or content. However, if your chakra is imbalanced, you can suffer many mental and emotional issues such as:

  • Lack of imagination and creativity
  • Lack of focus
  • Distrust and paranoia
  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Melancholy and sadness
  • Rapid mood swings and extreme behaviors
  • Anger and temper issues
  • A prolonged state of disturbed third eye chakra can also lead to clinical depression.

You would have noticed that most of what we feel daily is connected to our third eye chakra. If we feel restless and anxious, often, the cause might lie in an unhealthy chakra. It is just essential to keep your third eye chakra balanced.

Signs of An Unhealthy Third Eye Chakra

Now that you know the problems an imbalanced chakra can lead to, you must know the indications for its imbalance as well. So, here is a list of most common symptoms of an unhealthy third eye chakra which you need to look for:

  • Ignorance of intuitions and creative imagination
  • High emotional sensitivity while getting upset quickly
  • Mental distortions and failure to view the reality of things
  • Trivial and meaningless interactions with friends, colleagues
  • Inability to connect with the deeper self or soul
  • A feeling of stubbornness and anxiety
  • Lack of focus, open-mindedness, and decisiveness

Use Ajna Stones to Heal The Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye chakra stones are healing gems for you to use. They’re full of natural healing properties and can be worn in various forms. You can use them in the way of jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, or necklaces.

Here if the list of top healing Ajna stones:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Iolite
  • Amethyst
  • Purple Scapolite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Indigo Kyanite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Sodalite

Third Eye Chakra stones

All of these stones will help you heal your chakra. However, the first three stones are the most widely used ones. They are believed to show the best results and are used by many spiritual experts as well. To know more about their healing properties, head over to read the article, Third Eye Chakra Stones.

Other Ways of Healing The Third Eye Chakra

There are many other practices that you can adopt to heal your third eye chakra. Remember, the more you incorporate these practices in your daily life, the more they’ll benefit you in the long run.

It’s not just about practicing them till you have a healed third eye chakra. But more so, about making them a part of your life so you can continue to be the best version of yourself.

Here are the few best practices that you can adopt to heal your third eye chakra:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Healthy and balanced diet
  • Avoiding junk food
  • Breathing exercises
  • Using crystals and healing stones

Third Eye Chakra yoga

Other than these, anything purple is beneficial for the third eye chakra due to its association with this color.

Interesting Facts About The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is a highly spiritual and mysterious chakra of the body. Here are some of the most exciting things to know about this chakra that will leave you positively surprised and push you to heal it.

The Center Of All Chakras

It is the center of all the other chakras. If it is disputed, there are higher chances that it can cause an imbalance in the other chakras as well, such as the heart or the throat chakra.

The Actual Shape Is Not An Eye

You might think that it is shaped like an eye. After all, the name and the symbol does portray such an image. However, many Yogis and spiritual people have experienced and seen it, and they maintain that the chakra is somewhat of a square-shaped or like a star figure.

It Can Help You Find The Meaning Of Life

We all know that the human mind is capable of so much more than the eye can see. Staying in touch with the third eye chakra can open up gates to the spiritual realm. If you actively try and open it, it will bestow the mysteries of the universe on you.

Final Advice

The third eye chakra is your doorway to the realm of contentment. A healthy chakra will allow you to live a balanced and healthy life. It will ultimately enable you to be extremely self-confident and be the best version of yourself. So, try and keep it balanced for a life full of intuition, wisdom, and creative energy.

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