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Heart Chakra Healing – Easy Methods to Connect with Yourself Again

Have you ever felt like you cannot be all open? That it’s harder and harder to forgive, accept, and also connect with yourself and other people? Well, all these might happen because your heart chakra is not healthy and well balanced.

As such, when you are experiencing a sense of social isolation, resentment, maybe loneliness, you should think about unblocking your heart chakra.

In this article, we have chosen one of the most common, yet effective ways to open the heart chakra again and heal it.

Best Heart Chakra Healing Practices

Why should you balance your heart chakra? Which are the effects and does it worth considering all these practices? Well, it is. Once you will be in perfect harmony with your heart chakra, you will finally feel open and receptive.

Moreover, you won’t have any other struggles with fear, bitterness, or isolation. Instead of all of these bad feelings, you will start being enough courageous, and open to everything that means love around you.

But let’s not have too much talk, and go straight to the best practices for opening and healing the heart chakra:

1.     Heart Chakra Meditation

There is no secret that meditation helps everyone restore their energy flow and connect better with the heart chakra. This practice is a very personal and intimate one. Here are some meditation tips you can use during this method:

  • Try to wear comfy clothes;
  • Find a place where you feel protected, and where no one can disturb you;
  • Lie in a position that won’t spine or joint;
  • Look for a guided meditation program or tutorial, to guide you through.

heart chakra healing meditation

2.  Incorporate Green Color In Your Life

If you did not know yet, the green color is often connected to the heart chakra.  This is why you should try to bring more green into your daily habits. For instance, you can add some green into your wardrobe, or accessories, such as jewelry.

3. Eat More Green

Green means health. Try to have at least a small portion of green vegetables or fruits in every meal. Broccoli, cucumbers, green apples, spinach, there are so many green “alive” foods you can have daily.

4. Positive Affirmations and Thinking

Have you ever thought about the power of “yes”? Positive affirmations can increase your energy and bring more trust in your powers. Here are some easy affirmations you can make to you, once you are in front of a mirror:

  • “My heart is full of love”;
  • “I am open to love”;
  • “I will start forgiving myself”;
  • “I am thankful to myself”;
  • “I love myself and I accept myself”.

5. Sonic Therapy

The Universe is full of energies, frequencies, and vibrations, according to Nicola Tesla. As such, there are many practices and schools which are using some Solfeggio sounds and frequencies to establish balance and harmony into the body.

These Solfeggio tones are something very popular since centuries ago. They are considered sacred, and people use them to attract their energetic points.

6. Nature Bathing

As we have discussed previously, green is the color of the heart chakra. There is this term “forest bathing”, which comes from Japan, and called “Shinrin Yoku”.

If you don’t have a forest very close to you, you can go to a park, bushland, or anywhere there is greenery. Once connecting with the green nature, you will feel the heart chakra healing.

7. Use Herbs

There are some herbs that have miraculous healing properties. Astragalus, nettle, hops, rose, basil, these are some of the herbs you can drink as a tea or smell constantly.

heart chakra healing - nettle tea
White Nettle and Nettle Tea

8. Hugs

Hug more. This will help you remove those excessive blockages. Don’t be afraid to have physical contact with the ones you love. Needless to say, hugging releases oxytocin, which is this chemical in our body.

This chemical will calm down your body and act as a true antidepressant.

9. Allow Love Receiving

How many times did you ignore or stop the direct expressions of love? Whether they came from people you also love, or from new persons, you might have stopped them from showing their care, because of your fear and low self-esteem.

Don’t stop the affection or compliments, but accept them with elegance. Say “thank you for the compliment” instead of “Oh, that’s not true, I am actually not beautiful/that good/etc”.

10. Use Healing Crystals

Whether you are meditating using them or just wearing these stones as jewelry, consider having some heart chakra crystals next to you. The most powerful ones are rose quartz, prehnite, ruby, chrysocolla, malachite, jade, and rhodonite.

heart chakra healing stones

Learn more: 9 Best Crystals for Heart Chakra

Benefits of an Open Heart Chakra

Whether you will apply one of the practices we mentioned before or most of them, the benefits of an open heart chakra are unquestioned. Once you allow the heart chakra to heal, you will understand your needs better.

You will start forgiving, accepting love in your life, repair some old relationships, or let some bad spirits go away. You may also get rid of those intense feelings that pulled you down, such as fear or depression.

As a bonus, once you have an open heart chakra, your body, mind, and spirituality will start working together. This means harmony.

Concerns – The Symptoms of A Blocked Heart Chakra

There are some blockages and notifications of a blocked chakra. These can be either minor or major, but all in all, they will make you feel off-balance. As such, listen to your body and your mind, and these chakra bad symptoms:

  • Fear;
  • The great difficulty in trusting people;
  • Hard to love, hard to receive love;
  • Lack of empathy;
  • Impatience;

These are some of the soul’s symptoms, but there are also physical signs of heart chakra instability. Of course, these issues might have purely scientific, biological roots:

  • Insomnia;
  • Nightmares;
  • Increasing blood pressure;
  • Weak immune system.

Heart Chakra Healing FAQ

Q: What is heart Chakra Healing?

A: The Heart Chakra Healing is a process. It takes time, and it means that you are ready for awarding, opening, and cleansing the interior anger and grief. Once doing this, you will support and heal the Heart Chakra.

Once you feel ready for healing the heart chakra, there are some remedies to help you in this process. Consider using aromatherapy, color therapy, meditation, essential oils, going into nature. All of them will help you re-establish harmony in your mind and body.

Q: When do you know that the heart chakra is blocked?

A: Our body will send us exact signs if the Anahata energy is blocked. As such, if you feel down, and you have this spiritual, emotional, and physical low-balance, it might mean that your heart chakra is blocked.

Speaking of physical signs, you might encounter poor circulation and low blood pressure. Your heart, lungs, even the upper extremities might get ill.

On the other side, at the spiritual level, you will feel disconnected, a lack of empathy, as well as the inability to trust the ones around you. Fear is another sign.

Q: Why is the heart chakra so important?

A: The 4th of the total 7 chakras, the Heart Chakra is responsible for love, understanding, accepting, and empathizing with the people around you. This is actually the center of love and empathy. If you have a painful loss, the heart chakra is going to help you find tranquility and inner peace.

To Close

Now that you know the symptoms and also the importance of balanced heart chakra, it’s time practicing some of the applications. Not only they will help you in the healing process, but they will guide you through reconnecting with the inner self and appreciate small things in your life.

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