Crown Chakra stones

Crown Chakra Stones – Enhance Your Spirituality and Open Your Soul

You probably already know this, but I want to remind you nevertheless. There are 7 chakras and each of them is linked and is responsible for a part of our body.

Now, the crown chakra is the seventh and is located in the cerebral cortex. It is the one that brings deep peace and is connected with the mystical experiences around you.

This chakra is white with notes of deep purple. Just as all chakras, the 7th chakra, known as Sahasrara, is stimulated by stones. These stones have the capacity of stimulating the parts of your body that are directly connected to your spiritual development and health issues.

However, not all stones have an influence when it comes to Sahasrara and this is exactly what we will talk about in this article. I will teach you how to recognize the stones that can balance the 7th chakra and how each one works.

So let’s start!

Balancing the Crown Chakra

I want you to take a minute to read the following part and understand how the crown chakra can influence your life, to understand the difference between balanced Sahasrara and an imbalanced one.

Crown Chakra stones balancing

Why Should the Crown Chakra be Balanced?

As I previously mentioned, the crown chakra is all about the spiritual being and mysticism. You need to understand that things happen in the world, things that our physical eye can’t see. For example, there are tons of feelings and dreams around us that exist but cannot be seen.

However, an opened chakra will help you understand these invisible emotions and once you are able to balance it you will find your inner path and will be able to see. When reaching the happy place your soul will know instantly. There is no exact description of how this happens because every person has a different experience when it takes place.

How can the Crown Chakra get Imbalanced?

People are born with a strict purpose and as children, we have a wide imagination and the sky is the limit as to where dreams stand. However, as we grow up and turn into adults, we get distracted by everything the physical world takes over, affecting the spiritual one.

The problems appear when we can’t handle the challenges life brings and therefore our souls can’t evolve. When this happens the crown chakra gets blocked and therefore imbalanced. All these can lead to losing the connection with your inner self.

This can only lead to negativity and mental problems. A blocked Sahasrara will make you feel as if you are always in a competition in which you need to be better than others. You will easily turn into a pessimist and live your life without any actual purpose.

Stones that Influence The Crown Chakra

Now is the time to check out what are the stones that have the power of influencing the crown chakra.

1. Quartz

This is a crystalline mineral that has the ability to amplify the surrounding energy. Moreso, it has a memory and can be programmed. What it does is to create spiritual awareness. It has the power of opening the chakra and expanding your consciousness.

Crown Chakra stones quartz

When you wear quartz stones, you amplify your mental abilities because it has the capacity of stimulating the nervous system.

It can be worn as a rough crystal and kept always by your side, or as a beautiful jewelry piece as you can see here.

2. Charoite

This is a stone that has the power of transforming bad emotions like fear or hate into positive ones. Once the negative feelings are released, you will feel relief and will be able to live a balanced life.

Crown Chakra stones Charoite

Charoite jewelry is beautiful since it has a purple with white notes color that goes well in every kind of jewelry. When worn as a bracelet it will move along your hand and it will appear to have more than one color.

3. Selenite

This is somehow clear and just as the quartz. As a crystalline mineral, it opens the crown chakra but also the third eye chakra.

Crown Chakra stones Selenite

It has the capacity of cleaning the blocked energies and can lift your awareness. Furthermore, if you are stuck at a point, it will be able to help you with this aspect too.

You will find many objects containing selenite. You just have to pick the one that you can wear along.

4. Howlite

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that will help you find your path and stay on it. It will guide you in the right direction wherever you will feel that you are lost.

Crown Chakra stones Howlite

Since it is white, you can match this jewelry with any colors and wear them regardless of the event.

5. Fluorite

This is a beautiful multi colored stone that will help you focus whenever you will need to meditate. It will remove all the earthly distractions and will help you concentrate on the spiritual needs.

Crown Chakra stones Fluorite

Since it has such a wonderful color, you will love wearing these kinds of stones as jewelry.

6. Amethyst

Beautiful, with purple notes, the amethyst is a semi-precious gem that helps you meditate but also to communicate with others and not only with your inner self.

Crown Chakra stones amethyst

You will be able to concentrate and find the cause of your imbalances and heal your soul due to its capacity of clearing the mind.

You can check out how beautiful these stones form a bracelet here.

7. Sugilite

This purple stone will connect your mind with your soul and will touch you on a spiritual level. It will offer you a better ability for forgiveness and love.

Crown Chakra stones sugilite

You have many ways in which you can wear this stone and all of them are lovely. Check some ideas here.

How to Use the Stones

As you could read earlier, all these stones are beautiful and therefore they can easily be turned into jewelry.

The best part about these stones is that you can actually program them. But what does that mean? It means that you can set up the purpose for which you want to use the stone.

For example, you can hold your crystal in your hand when you do your meditation routine or you can put it directly on the place of your body you want to heal.

It helps if you talk to the stone. You can do it verbally or in your mind. Remember that thanking the stone can have great benefits.

The Activation Process

Sometimes you will notice that the stones feel heavier than they look. This can be the cause of too little energy, therefore they will need to be activated.

You will lend your energy before it will lend it back to you. The way you can do this is by singing to it. By doing so, you will send signals from your soul.

If you don’t like to sing and feel uncomfortable doing so, you can take the crystal with you to the beach or on a hike. Wherever you like to go, take it along. This way, the stone will take in the natural energy from the surrounding.

Remember that the stones take energy from you, so if you introduce them to the activities that make you happy, it will charge with your happiness and positive energy.

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One Last Note

The crown chakra stones are powerful and will go a long way. They will help you all the way and will bring you inner peace while looking beautiful on you.

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