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9 Best Crystals for Heart Chakra

There are times, in our lives, when we feel unattractive, maybe unloved. Along with this, you might start struggling with your relationships, encounter troubles with the ones you love, and so on.

In the spiritual world, it means that your heart chakra is unbalanced. So, how can you handle this issue? Well, the key is right in your hand: the crystals.

If you don’t know much about yoga and chakra, there are 7 chakras or focal points used in various meditation practices. The heart chakra is the 4th one and it’s name is Anahata. This is actually the center of relationships, love, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional caring.

Our chest is full of energy and emotions, as such, a possible blockage can do harm a lot and produce some imbalance. This imbalance will have a deep effect on your life.

Luckily, there are natural crystals that can unblock these challenges. As love becomes harder to reach once the chakra is blocked, you can do a simple thing. One of the best ways to start balancing the heart chakra is by using natural stones.

Here are the nine crystals that will work in enhancing compassion and love. Each of them has a nice description, so everyone will understand its effects.

Healing Heart Chakra Crystals to Consider

1. Rose Quartz (The Stone of Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink

Origins: Japan, Brazil, India, Madagascar. Argentina, Mexico, USA

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra stones for bracelets

The Rose Quartz is the most important, yet popular heart chakra crystal. This stone has actually great healing over the heart chakra. Its color is very feminine, as well as its energy.

In the healing process, the Rose Quartz will help you look for the right romance, ease the heartaches, and also strengthen the family relationships.

How to use it: We recommend you to place the Rose Quartz next to your bed. You can also wear it like a jewel.

2. Rhodochrosite (The Stone for a Compassionate Heart)

Colour: Pink, Orange

Origins: Argentina, USA,  Russia, South Africa, Uruguay

heart chakra Rhodochrosite

This special crystal is great for easing all those stubborn blockages, which are mainly caused by some past hurts. This stone helps with the release of emotion and will aid you raise self-confidence.

Moreover, it can lead to eradicating self-criticism. Specialists say that Rhodochrosite’s ruler is Venus, which is the planet of love. As such, this crystal has heart-based energy. Do you want to bring love back into your life? Do you look for reconnecting with the inner child? This special crystal will help you out.

How to use it: If you miss someone you love or want to bring back a beloved friend, place the Rhodochrosite next to a picture of them.

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3. Green Aventurine (Stone for Great Opportunity)

Colour: ​Green

Origins: Italy Brazil, Russia, Nepal, Tibet, Italy

Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine is one of the most appealing stones in this list. It promotes harmony and banishes negativity in a relationship. Bring new opportunities in your life by wearing this crystal.

How to use the Green Aventurine: If you are meditating, keep the Green Aventurine next to you for calming you down. Also, if you are struggling with a hectic way of living, this crystal will help you find inner peace again.

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4. Emerald (Crystal to Bring Successfully Love)

Colour: Green

Origins: Egypt, Africa, India, Zimbabwe, Columbia

heart chakra Emerald

Maybe you have heard about Emerald and its great energy. This is an exceptional option for bringing green-ray energy into your life and also opens the heart chakra. This stone will help you balance your relationships and find peace and gratitude.

Be careful, if you notice that the stone is changing its color, it might be a sign of unfaithfulness.

How to use it: If you want to enjoy its power, you can wear the emerald on a ring.

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5. Green Jade (The Dream Stone)

Colour: ​Green

Origins: Middle East, Russia, USA, East Asia

green jade heart chakra

Green Jade symbolizes serenity, wisdom, as well as increasing love. Some say that it also brings luck, as well as great friendship relations. These crystals will help you enhance your dreams, and add some extra confidence.

How to use it: Enjoy the effects of this great crystal by placing it under your pillow while you are sleeping.

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6. Rhodonite (The Stone for Unconditional Love)

Colour: Pink, Red

Origins: Mexico, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Sweden

Rhodonite heart chakra

Rhodonite is one of the favorite crystals by counselors, as it helps in encouraging forgiveness and honesty. Rhodonite is also one of the most powerful stones to resonate with the heart chakra.

How to use it: You can start wearing the Rhodonite in a long necklace and sit it over the heart chakra.

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7. Amazonite (Stone of Hope and Courage)

Colour: ​Turquoise Green

Origins: Russia, India, USA, Madagascar

Amazonite heart chakra

Amazonite has great energy and a stimulating effect right on the heart chakra. People believe that this small crystal will awake compassion and bring balance through your relationships. If you are feeling blue, keep this crystal next to you.

How to use it: Do you want to feel safe while traveling? Then keep this crystal next to you.

8. Prehnite (Stone for Healing and Love)

Colour: ​Green, Yellow

Origins: South Africa

Prehnite heart chakra

Prehnite is a combination of energies, that will bring serenity and love to the one who is using or wearing it. Along with the relationship benefits, Prehnite is a great help for enhancing prophecy, deepening meditations and strengthening the spiritual vibration. Bring peace into your life, make-up with your inner self.

How to use it: You can place the Prehnite around your home.

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9. Malachite (Stone of Absorb Negativity)

Colour: ​Green

Origins: Romania, Middle East, Zambia, and East Europe

heart chakra Malachite

Malachite is unique for its vibrant green color and energy. Once only looking at it, you will feel its power over the heart chakra. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and eliminate destructive behaviors.

This is a stone of transformation, and can ease heartaches, and encourages the letting go. It also has healing properties for both emotions and physical.

How to use it: You can wear the Malachite as jewelry, in order to open the heart to love.

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Last Thoughts

Now that you know the attributes of each crystal, it’s time for choosing the right one for you. Bring good energies in your life, using natural stones.

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