how to make a chakra bracelet

How to Make a Chakra Bracelet and Enjoy It

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of accessory? A watch, a lucky pendant, an authentic chakra bracelet? Yes, you don’t need to be a believer in the inner traditions of Hinduism or a Sanskrit specialist to genuinely appreciate, say, a lava stone chakra bracelet, right?

For the people who have fallen under their spell, as I did, chakra bracelets are simply beautiful. There’s no other word for it. Beautiful. Whether you believe they help with your general well-being, fill you with life-force energy or you just like to wear them for their loveliness and simple looks, this is how you can make a chakra bracelet yourself!

Well, not here-here, but in the following. But first, let me walk you a little bit through what chakras are and how they could help you, that if you are a believer. If not, you can skip this part and go right to how to make a chakra bracelet part.

Ages of Chakra Bracelet in most Asian Countries

In the ancient Indo-Aryan language known as Sanskrit, chakra means wheel, that is the energy wheel of the body.  Our bodies are made of different such chakras, through which energy flows. The tricky part is keeping all these energy points open so that energy flows equally through them. In the common tongue, we call this balance.

And we all know how important balance is in our everyday life, work-life, relationships, everything. The chakra bracelet has been worn for ages, by countless generations, believing it had the power to influence the energy points in our bodies and thus balance out the energy surrounding them, their bodies, influencing their well-being.

The chakra bracelet is made of 7 different pillars of gemstones, each one of them possessing a unique healing power and energy vibration. There are seven chakras. This is also useful information on how to process below:

  1. The first chakra (Muladhara) handles the basic needs of our human body, from food, shelter, to safety. It is also known as the root chakra
  2. The second chakra (Svadhisthana) is the sexual center and the creativity kernel; this is the sacral chakra
  3. The third chakra (Manipura) influences your self-confidence; aka solar plexus chakra
  4. The fourth chakra (Anahata) is responsible for the connection between your physical and emotional spirit; it is your heart chakra
  5. The fifth chakra (Vishuddha) is basically your voice, the energy that helps you express yourself; it is also known as the throat chakra
  6. The sixth chakra (Ajna) is your third eye and fuels your intuition and insights
  7. The seventh chakra is the root of your spiritual being, and this is the crown chakra

how to make a chakra bracelet functions

As you probably might have guessed already, there are different gemstones for every one of these chakras, usually, they’re different in color as well, making a chakra bracelet both a fashion statement, an exquisite piece of jewelry and a spiritual protector. So, let’s get down to the process of making a chakra bracelet yourself.

What You Need to Make a Chakra Bracelet

Since it is not wise to start something without having all the right tools and pieces, let’s make a quick sum-up of the tools needed for making a chakra bracelet:

  • Scissors or chain cutters, depending on your choice of string
  • Clear elastic string or chain (for both, you need to make sure they’re not wider than the opening of the bead)
  • Some kind of robust string or wire (if you want a chain-type of the bracelet)
  • Crystal gemstone beads. How many? You guessed: 7! 1 for each chakra or, if you want, you can have all 7 correspondings to the same chakra. Your choice.
  • Optional, for a plus of richness, choose some 20-30 clear quartz beads that would go well with the chakra gemstones.

how to make a chakra bracelet tools

What are the chakra gemstones and how to procure them?  We’ll talk about that, too. But first, let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on how to put them all together in a lovely chakra bracelet.

How to Make a Chakra Bracelet Step by Step

We’ll walk you through all the steps of making a chakra bracelet on an elastic string, with some optional quartz beads as ornamental items. Without further ado, let’s jump right in:

Step 1

First, you need to make sure you make a chakra bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly, that’s why you should start with wrapping the elastic string around your wrist twice, knot-tying it at one end.

Step 2

Begin with the other clear quartz beads. Just string them on the elastic. Do half of them and then stop

Step 3

It’s time for the chakra beads. If you chose to go with one gemstone for each chakra, then you should know there’s an order to them. The order is simple:

  1. Root chakra
  2. Sacral chakra
  3. Solar plexus chakra
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Throat chakra
  6. Third eye chakra
  7. Crown chakra

You should start with no. 1 and then continue with the other 6 one on top of the other.

Step 4

Add the other half of the gems to the string

Step 5

Measure your wrist again so that the colored chakras will always stay in the middle of your wrist

Step 6

Now, it’s simple, just tie the two ends of the string and knot it off. Get rid of the remaining band and…time to wear it!

If you are more comfortable with a watch-and-learn mode, here is a video clip for you.

Now, since you’re probably asking, what are the best beads for each chakra, let’s see!

Best Chakra Gemstones for Bracelets

This is important and useful information if you want to get it right. Usually, the easiest way for the chakra gemstones is to choose some of the ones below.

Root chakra (also known as base chakra)

The colors here are black, brown, and maybe some reddish kind of red. However, if you choose one of these gemstones, you won’t get it wrong:

  • Hematite
  • Obsidian
  • Black tourmaline
  • black onyx
  • ruby
  • garnet

Sacral chakra

The color here is orange. So, some really good choices are:

  • Tangerine quartz
  • Sunstone
  • Carnelian
  • Orange calcite

Solar plexus chakra

Since it is called solar, the predominant color should be yellow, right? So, some nice choices are:

  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Copper
  • Ametrine

Heart chakra

Something green or pink here for the center of your chest:

  • Rose quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Ruby fuchsite
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Jade

Throat chakra

Blue is the color here. So, take your pick:

  • Sodalite
  • Blue lace agate
  • Blue calcite

Third eye chakra

So, what color is our third eye? Indigo, almost as Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. Almost. Therefore, the best gemstones are:

  • Amethyst
  • Sapphire
  • Azurite

Crown chakra

Placed at the top of your head, this chakra is violet, gold, or crystal clear. So, the best gemstone choices are:

  • Clear quartz
  • Selenite
  • Diamond

There’s one important step we’ve missed to talk about in this how-to guide, and it’s called passion; some also call it fun, enthusiasm. All I know is that it rhymes with enjoy and that’s what you should ultimately do. Enjoy the process of making a chakra bracelet yourself, employing all your imagination and creative side, and then relish in the simple pleasure of wearing it on your wrist.

As I was saying above, whether you believe it helps you, or don’t, it is all up to you. If you become passionate about the history and tradition of chakra bracelets, then just dive in the Hinduism tradition and history. Ultimately, do what makes you happy.

We hope this guide made you just a little bit happier today!

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