Sacral Chakra stones

Sacral Chakra Stones

The sacral chakra represents an energy opening in the lower part of our body, right below the navel. Sacral Chakra hails from the Sanskrit word of Swadhisthana, and it is primarily responsible for creating an emotional balance and boosting the creative abilities of an individual.

To awaken the sacral chakra, we need a medium to connect with it mentally, physically, and perhaps even emotionally. Over the years, one such medium that has proven to be quite helpful stones. These stones have multiple angelic, metaphysical, and mind-altering properties that can help an individual reconnect with their sacral chakra.

Types Of Sacral Chakra Stones

Here are some of the sacral chakra stones that you can use:

1. Aragonite

Aragonite is one of the popular sacral chakra stones for healing purposes because the stone has a calming effect on our mind, soul, and body. Aragonite crystal is a carbon mineral formed due to a mix of physical and biological processes. It is a stress reliever and a soul healer due to its profound properties.

Best Sacral Chakra Stones Aragonite

Studies further suggest that White Aragonite reduces joint pain, balances over-acidity, eases muscle spasm, and restores circulation to fingers and toes. Blue Aragonite, on the other hand, can assist with arthritic conditions and breath. The stone hails from Spain named after the Aragon region in the country.

2. Carnelian

Carnelian is the orange stone from the quartz family. Again, the carnelian is beneficial for crystal healing and energy healing purposes. The stone was famous amongst Egyptian communities back in the day and was known as setting sun.

Best Crystals for Root Chakra carnelian

The name perhaps reflects the carnelian’s intense orange color and specific properties. Carnelian is said to encourage us to reshape and regain perspective in life. It prevents us from submitting to hopelessness and becoming passive.

3. Amber Citrine

Amber citrine is also known as the ‘merchant stone.’ Because it may have helped people in acquiring wealth, though wealth does not necessarily relate to the sacral chakra, amber citrine resonates with optimism and happiness. It’s one of those multipurpose stones helping us with multiple aspects of our life.

orange Citrine Sacral Chakra stones

Amber citrine is our way towards security and stability; it may help in releasing suppressed emotions such as guilt, anger, pain, etc. You can assume amber citrine as your carrier of confidence and a better life.

4. Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is another stone with balancing properties appropriate for the sacral chakra. The stone balances the sacral chakra with warm and comforting qualities.

Best Sacral Chakra Stones Orange calcite

Orange Calcite is known to push you towards your best self through inspiration and creativity. The stone persists to find your inner self until you reach your full potential. The stone’s qualities help you to face the truth and realize your self-worth. It emotionally encourages you and provides you with the necessary energy to cleans your sacral chakra. Like every other stone, orange calcite hails from Mexico.

5. Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite helps you to channelize and direct the healing energy towards your sacral chakra. Initially found in Tanzania, Orange Kyanite is a relatively new stone amongst other orange stones with healing energy. Additionally, the stone is for writers, perfumes, musicians, and artists because it unleashes creative properties.

Sacral Chakra stones Orange Kyanite

The power of the stone enhances our senses and ability to be intuitive during a decision making process. We all have our creative side, regardless of our day to day activities, the orange kyanite helps us to access our inner creativity. That, coupled with the ability to make swift decisions, not only increases your self-esteem, in fact, but also enhances your communication skills, sexuality, and clairsentience.

From a creative standpoint, if orange kyanite helps you to access your creative potential, it eliminates the fundamental human nature to fear external judgments.

6. Goldstone

Goldstone ranges from red-brown to pure orange. Historians trace goldstone back to the seventeenth century Venice’s Miotti family. As per historians, the said family perfected a glass treatment method, which is known as Godstone today.

Sacral Chakra stones goldstones

Unlike other stones, Goldstone is a human-made stone, does it have the same healing powers? It’s perhaps the first of its kind to have a substantial impact on the human mind. You may meditate with goldstone for personal development and accomplishment of life goals.

You can again combine goldstone with other gems like carnelian, calcite, and other orange stones to showcase your creativity. You can also put these stones together to refine your sacral chakra.

7. Sunstone

Sunstone is suitable for both your sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. Sunstone is also an energizing gemstone, which perfectly aligns your enthusiasm and refines your leadership qualities. The sunstone crystal emanates happiness in those who wear it around. You can wear a sunstone around your neck or display it in your room.

Sacral Chakra stones sunstone

Furthermore, sunstone also absolves us from worldly influences and enables us to focus on our one real personality. With sunstone, you can’t hide your personality. You can meditate with sunstone, which helps you to create a balance between worldly influences and your nature.

8. Tangerine Quartz

Like other quartz gemstones, tangerine quartz is yet another gem with great metaphysical benefits needed to improve your sacral chakra. The stone is mined from Madagascar and Brazil and is known to be inspirational and life-altering to begin with.

Tangerine quartz can be more than useful for your sacral chakra. It polishes your self-understanding, self-worth and can remove any self-limiting beliefs and practices from your life. While tangerine quartz encourages you to move ahead with your life, it helps you to discover your passions throughout the journey.

Sacral Chakra stones Tangerine Quartz

Additionally, tangerine quartz, with its angelic properties, can induce curiosity within you. It can make you more accepting of joy, newer experiences, and relationships.

These stones come in different shapes, sizes, and forms, but is there a perfect sacral chakra stone? It’s for you to decide if such a stone exists.

The Perfect Sacral Chakra Stone

If you have to choose between many sacral chakra stones, there is no predefined criterion to choose one. What you can is first to look into yourself. You know that each stone has a particular set of powers and properties.

After all, it’s your sacral chakra, and you need to know which stone can unleash your creative side and unlock your sacral chakra. Until and unless you’re not aware of your shortcomings and self-worth, you can’t go for a sacral chakra stone.

You need to study the stone in detail, including its metaphysical properties, and only then can you determine whether this stone can comfort your sacral chakra.

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