Which Wrist To Wear a Chakra Bracelet

Which Wrist to Wear a Chakra Bracelet? Insights about The Energy Impact

Have you ever wondered why lots of people around you are wearing those tons of Crystal Bracelets. What are the benefits? Why are some wearing them on the left wrist, while others on the right? Luckily, you are in the right place to find out the secrets of wearing crystal jewelry.

Since very old times, people demonstrated that chakra bracelets have lots of healing powers, as long as you are using them right. Keeping them as ordinary jewelry won’t have any impact. This means that they will not work, unless you know the insights about their wheels of energy over the body.

These wheels are actually energy flows. And they meet at some intersection points, such as our wrists. Once crossing their paths, they connect with some nerve centers all over our bodies.

Our hands are fields of energy, where lots of these intersections are meeting together. Keep scrolling to find out more insights about this subject and what wrist you should “dress” with crystals.

Why the Wrist?

Our wrists are actually the primary creation points of our bodies. They connect with the hand and create ideas and actions, from physical to mental ones. Think about your hands and how you use them.

Which Wrist To Wear a Chakra Bracelet life tree

You create ideas, you protect yourself from negativity, and fulfill your daily physical needs. As such, it is safe to say that hands are this bridge or link to other beings.

Moving forward, the wrist is then the central point to nourish the body. Think about other organs that are doing the same for you. For instance, also the nose, the skin, the eyes, and the hands are delivering information about the exterior things around you.

The wrist is more than that, it is the body’s center for communication. It is connected to the hands, and it is the main engine for drawing, painting, writing, and so on. Ok, but where’s the connection with the Chakra regions?

Well, all these forms of communication are expressing the wishes and desires of our Chakra regions in the body.

Energy Meridians

Just as Earth has energy centers, also known as meridians, so does our body. When talking about Earth, we think about North and South, and the opposite seasons and energy cycles.

The meridians of our body are the wrists, where there is a lot of energy that flows back and forth. The two wrists are our meridians, this is why it is important to wear the Chakra Energy Crystals and bracelets on this part of the body.

But the energies are different, this is why wearing chakra crystals on the left wrist will have a different impact than wearing them on the right one. It is a fact that cannot be changed, right as how we cannot change the place of our hearts.

While some might say that it’s better to wear the crystals on the left hand, we would not agree. You will see that wearing the same Energy Jewelry on the right wrist will bring some other kinds of benefits.

Does the Chakra Jewelry have a different impact on men and women?

Everybody can wear a Chakra Bracelet. It will not harm anyone, it will not bring more balance and happiness on women than on men. The only difference is what they are willing to obtain from these crystals.

There are women who will wear their bracelets on the right hand more than on the left. You will see why, down below. If you don’t trust the power of chakra crystals, it is useless wearing them.

Whether you are a woman, a man, a youngster, or a senior, it’s important to connect with these crystals and believe in them.

But On Which Wrist To Wear the Chakra Crystals?

As you might know, our body has 7 Chakra Energy centers. In order to balance them perfectly and make them work in perfect harmony, the energetic crystal is a great option.

As such, the Crystal Healing Bracelets can work perfectly once you are wearing them on the wrists. Of course, choosing the left or the right hand is important, as each of them has different energy flows into the body.

Here is a short guide about left and right wrists and how each of them works with giving and receiving energies.

Left Wrist receives

  • Love. If you do want to receive love, you can wear rose crystals, such as the rose Quarts.
  • Intuition. Wearing Crystal Bracelets on the left hand will help you increase your intuition and attention.
  • Wealth. Everyone is willing for more, whether it’s spiritual wealth or physical one. Jade is the crystal who will help you attract wealth in your life.
  • Creativity. The Amazonite Crystal has a great effect on developing your creativity and also brings a good balance in your relationships.
  • Protection from negativity: Wearing the Crystal Bracelet on the left wrist works on protecting yourself from negative thoughts and situations. Green Aventurine is a great crystal to wear, as well as Malachite.
  • Self Confidence. You can start wearing the Ocean Jasper to help you express yourself freely.

Which Wrist To Wear a Chakra Bracelet left right

Right Wrist to send

  • If you feel a lack of creativity, wear Aquamarine.
  • Protection from Negativity: The Epidote Crystal will raise vibrational energy and reduce negativity all around you.
  • Love: For sending love and healing, wear Prehnite or any Rose Quarts.
  • Self Confidence: No need to say how important is it, right?
  • Free Expression: The Green Kyanite is a great crystal for building better communication.
  • Broadcasting attraction: Emerald will bring good energy in your life.

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Now that we have reached this point, it is safe to say that chakra bracelets help to improve the mind-body connection. As soon as you feel ready to open up and accept their curing effects, you can achieve so many great things.

Before deciding the exact types of crystals to wear and on each wrist, it’s more important to take some time and reflect. Connect yourself with your intentions and the things you are willing to achieve.

What kind of energy do you lack? What are you seeking? Once you know how to combine the crystals with your thoughts, you will create a great union. Black or white, man or woman, youngster or senior, everyone can benefit from the curing properties of Chakra Bracelets.

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